Winterbourne View and England’s Care Quality Commission

The scenes shown in the BBC Panorama programme were truly shocking.   To date 12 people have been arrested in connection with the inquiry being conducted by the police.

The Panorama programme was contacted by whistleblower Terry Bryan who alerted the BBC with his concerns about some staff.  Mr Bryan, a senior nurse, acted after his concerns were not followed up by the home’s management or the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC published its report yesterday on its inspection of services provided at Winterbourne View.  A independently-led serious case review has already been announced by the CQC.

A number of concerns have already been raised both regarding the report published yesterday and the larger question of whether the CQC is the right body to conduct a review of the care system in England.

One point on the report published yesterday by the CQC.  The CQC defence in this matter seems to be that Castlebeck, the owners of Winterbourne View – now closed, misled them.  That is simply not good enough.

The report and a press release from the CQC can be found here.

An article from the Guardian dated 7 June can be found here.

A report from BBC news on yesterday’s report can be found here.

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